Sunday, 27 October 2013

last fish of the trout season

wanted to get back on the water for one last fish. I decided to go closer to the city to see how big a trout I could catch. I set off at 6:30am hoping to get get going at 7:15 when dawn is close. I started on the stretch next to B&Q on Penistone Road in Hillsborough. The river was quite high and very murky. I opted to try the czech nymphing method using a size 14 Black PTN gold head. First cast, first fish. Took it well and gave a decent fight in the little area beneath the bridge. Must have been close to a pound but none the less a good start to the day. The morning carried on without success. There wasn't anything hatching and the rain dampened the air which made it hard to target anything on the top of on the bed. Called it a day at 10am as I was pretty cold. not bad trout though to start with and will definately be going back next year to target it again. I will be going to Wharncliffe Fly Fishery throughout the winter time, brush up on my skills and casting etc enjoy

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